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The Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-operative Wholesale Department receives seafood from our fishermen, checks its quality, packs it with ice, and undertakes the marketing of the product to the Co-operative’s retail outlets, to businesses in the region and to our major business partner, the Sydney Fish Market.

Most of our fishermen work on smaller vessels in the waters of the Coffs Coast and return to port every day. The fishermen utilise fishing methods such as trapping, trolling, long-line fishing, beach hauling, hand lining, netting and trawling. The close proximity to the fishing grounds ensures exceptionally good quality and freshness of seafood available here at the Co-operative.

Moreover, as the waters of Coffs Coast are where the warmer ocean current from the North merges with the colder current from the South, we are able to offer a diverse range of warm and cold water seafood all year round.

The Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-operative brands its premium product – Premium Wild Harvest. This seafood is tagged in the gills with a small coloured tag:

This tag indicates that the fish is sourced from the Coffs Coast and meets these standards:

  • Age from catching to tagging is less than 48 hours and to market in 72 hours
  • Tails show no evidence of roughing up
  • Skin and scales are in excellent condition and body shows no evidence of bruising or sores
  • Eyes are in good condition excluding glazing from being ice-slurried
  • Fish show good colour and sheen with a fresh sea smell
  • All fish in a tagged box meet the quality standard

Buyers can be confident in bidding for this product that their customers will be receiving some of the best fish available on the east coast of Australia.

The Co-operative seeks to educate the discerning buyer that premium wild harvest seafood is superior to farmed and imported. Coffs Harbour Premium Wild Harvest tag let all buyers know that this product comes from the pristine waters of the Coffs Coast.

Although fish tagged with the Premium Wild Harvest tag is aimed predominantly at the buyer sourcing their fish at the Sydney Fish Market, we proudly sell this quality product at our Fresh Shop.

On most days when the weather is reasonable and the seas are calm, you will find snapper, pearl perch, eastern king prawn (cooked and green), flake, flathead, whiting, local bugs, octopus and cuttlefish. We store live lobster and in season, mud crabs and spanner crabs in the Co-operative’s holding tanks.

During the year, as fish come and go, you may find: sea mullet, luderick, silver bream, blue-eye cod, ray’s bream, yellowtail kingfish, samson, yellowfin tuna, blue-eye trevalla, swordfish, leatherjackets, spotted and spanish mackerel, mahi-mahi, albacore, mulloway, teraglin, flounder, goat fish, striped marlin, garfish, white bait and a lot more. During the Eastern Tuna season, we offer sashimi grade tuna on most days. Seasonal seafood includes fresh scallops, blue swimmer crabs, spanner crabs and mud crabs.

Wholesale Seafood Operations also offer ice and bait for sale to the public.

Educational tours of the Wholesale Seafood Operations for school & university students and visitor groups are conducted by prior arrangement. We offer such tours as a means of promoting the commercial fishing industry and the excellence of our seafood.


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  • A good array of locally caught wet fish and a superb take away with outside covered seating. Was recommended to us as the best fish and chips in town and we would agree.

    “Great fish and chips” – Visited March 2017

    via Trip Advisor
  • This was fish and chips done to perfection. Thick crunchy fish cocktails, calamari rings, prawn cutlets and chips were all fantastic.

    “Very best fish and chips ever”

    via Trip Advisor
  • Best fish & chips we ever had. The Dinner Pack was just huge for two, but you just can’t stop eating! Lovely and crisp chips, and the fish was exceptional. Only draw-back was the very small decking outside, which was too crowded and hard to find a vacant table. Unless of course you take your fish & chips and eat them somewhere else. Everything was as fresh as seafood should be. Straight off the boat! Next time we’ll try the mixed seafood.

    “The Spot For Fresh Seafood”

    via Trip Advisor
  • Stopped by the Fishermen’s Co-op just before the lunchtime crowd and the snapper was excellent. The crumbing was light and the oil fresh. In fact all the fish there looked great. The calamari was fresh and actually squid rings not mashed together to look like a ring. It got very busy quickly after I arrived and seating outside on the covered deck is limited so get in early or takeaway to the beach close by.

    “A great feed of fish and chips” – Visited January 2017

    via Trip Advisor

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