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The Best Fresh Seafood in Coffs Harbour

The Fishermen’s Co-operative is located at the very heart of the Harbour. It’s a fantastic place to sit awhile and enjoy delicious fish and chips by the sea. In fact, there’s no better place in Coffs Harbour to enjoy a tasty, nutritious, inexpensive meal, right on the Harbour. Without a doubt, our Takeaway and outdoor dining area offer the best fish and chips in Coffs Harbour.

Furthermore, we provide a wide variety of freshly caught local seafood for you to buy and cook later. Our seafood’s unsurpassed freshness and quality are due to our fleet’s fishing grounds’ close proximity. Therefore, it’s just a matter of hours between being caught and served on your plate. So, if you’re looking for the best fresh seafood in Coffs Harbour, then the Fishermen’s Co-op is just the place.

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    How Does the Fishermen’s Co-operative Work?

    The Co-operative has been operating on the foreshores of Coffs Harbour since the early 1950s. It’s owned by 40 local fishermen. They supply us with fresh seafood almost every day, which you can buy straight off their boats through our retail store and Takeaway. Essentially, all wild-caught species delivered to the Co-op by our members are graded with all the premium product retained for filleting, processing, and sale through our retail outlet. Next, all surplus stock is sold wholesale to local restaurants, cafes and licensed premises. Lastly, the remainder is sent off to the auction house at Sydney Fish Market.

    Delicious Fresh Seafood in Coffs Harbour

    The Fishermen’s Co-op retail store sells all our locally caught fish and seafood, we offer whiting, flathead, pearl perch, snapper, kingfish, tuna (perfect for sashimi), mackerel, swordfish, mahi-mahi, marlin, and other local species. We also catch delicious prawns, lobsters, Balmain bugs and crabs. Furthermore, in addition to locally caught produce, we stock the standard staples you’d expect to see. Rest assured, we can always provide a full range of delicious fresh seafood in Coffs Harbour.

    The Fishermen’s Co-op Team

    The Co-op is owned by our fishermen, and we currently have 40 members. Moreover, we employ over 30 staff, all who have made Coffs Harbour their home.

    ”I’ve lived in Coffs Harbour for 20 years now and being part of the Fishermen’s Co-op team is a real privilege. It’s awesome being part of an organisation that’s keeping traditional fishing and fishing families thriving on the Coffs Coast. It’s hard work for everyone involved, but we’re proud of our business and proud of the quality and variety of fresh seafood we offer every day to happy tourists and locals alike.”

    Bob St John, General Manager, Fishermen’s Co-op

    If you’re looking for the best fresh Seafood in Coffs Harbour, come down to the Harbour today. We have a tasty Takeaway and fresh seafood store.

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